MARTIN ŠANDA – Chief Conductor

1995 – 2001  Conservatory Plzeň (solo violin).
1999 Master Class – profesor Joshua Epstein.
1999 – 2003  Master Class Bohumil Kotmel and Václav Hudeček (student of David Oistrach).
1999 – 2005 Study in class profesor Bohumil Kotmel (solo violin).
1999 – 2003 Musicals and operettas orchestra of the theatre J.K. Tyl in Plzeň – first violin.
2003 – 2005  Manager of the orchestru  and concert master – Musicals and operettas orchestra of the theatre J.K. Tyl in Pilsen.
2001 – 2006 Czech Chamber Philharmonic – first violin.
2003 Director of the Westbohemian Philharmonic  (ZČF).
2004 Director and concert master of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague (BSOP).
2009 Study under prof. Jaroslav Vodňanský (conducting).
2013 Chief conductor of Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague (BSOP).

Arranger, instrumentations, conductor (selection):

Veni Vidi Vici – music for movie (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor).

Three Seasons in Hell –  music for movie (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor) – 2 awards “Czech Lion”.

Iveta Bartošová – EMI Music (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor).

Iveta Bartošová – CD “Když ticho zpívá” (Silence Sings) (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor).

Markéta Konvičková – CD “Na šňůře perel” (String of Pearls) (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor).

Jitka Válková – CD “Země” (Earth) – special guest Dan McCafferty (Nazareth) and Mat Sinner (Primal Fear) – (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor).

Gabriela Goldová – CD “Vánoce” (Christmas) (orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor).

Christmas Galakoncert – Old Town Square, Prague 2011 (live on TV Nova) – Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague – guest Dan McCaffery (Nazareth) and Jitka Válková – orchestral arrangement and BSOP conductor.

Helene Fisher – Zenith Strassburg 2013 – conductor Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague.

Strassburg 2013 – Zenith – complete orchestral arrangement pieces – Oasis, Coldplay, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Ludwig van Beethoven – The Fifth Symphony – rock version – BSOP conductor.

The Best Of Hollywood Movie Music – complete orchestral arrangement pieces, BSOP conductor.

Hollywood in Prague – complete orchestral arrangement pieces, BSOP conductor.

La Gioa – complete orchestral arrangement pieces , BSOP conductor.

Municipal House in Prague 2013 – Galaconcert – La Gioia, Dvořák Symphony Orchestra – arrangements, conductor.

SynthoSymphonica – Visage (Steve Strange) – complete orchestral arrangements, conductor.

Kings of the Avalon (Rock Opera) – complete orchestral arrangements, conductor, cooproducer.

Festival of the Movie Music Hollywood in Prague 2014 – arrangements, conductor, producer.

Kosheen featuring Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague – arrangements, conductor.

Rock in Vienna – Sabaton and Bohemian Symphony Orchetra Prague – arrangements, conductor.

Festival of the Movie Music Hollywood in Prague 2015  – arrangements, conductor, producer.

The Best Of  Romantic Movie Music “CD” 2015  – arrangements, conductor, producer.

The Pop Rock Classic 2015 – Prague Castle –  May 2015. Arrangements, conductor.

Vanessa Mae – DRFG Arena, Brno – May 13, 2016.  Conductor.

Gianna Nannini – Arena di Verona, Italy – May 14, 2016. Conductor.

Exclusive concert for the premiere of J.K.Rowling’s “Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them” – conductor, aranger

The Celtic Rock Opera Excalibur 2016 – Moya Brennan (Clannad), John Wetton (Asia), Eric Fish (Subway to Sally), John Kelly (The Kelly Family), Maite Itoiz (Elfenthal), Bob Siebenberg (Supertramp), Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp), John Helliwell (Supertramp), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield Band) – conductor.